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C&A Test- Do you know the latest anime trends?

Alright, I want to see which one of you guys have been paying close attention to the latest anime trends in Japan. For the past two weeks, there has been an explosion from the newest fad, and I want to see if any of you stay current with this sort of thing.

First: Identify what this is from- http://i27.tinypic.com/1192qv4.png

Here are some fan art to help- http://i31.tinypic.com/2ccm8w6.jpg , http://i30.tinypic.com/2mxjt38.png .

Do you know what these are? If you do and have passed this test, now I have an actual request/challenge of you. Give me more examples of this nice little trend, as I want more. I currently have around 600ish pics, a couple videos, a dozen or so songs- all produced in the last two weeks.

So can you please find more of this and share it with me? If none of you know's what this is, I'll be a sad panda, and I'll have to let you in on the awesomeness. Then maybe you will be able to help me out and find some more examples. Thanks!

C%26amp;A Test- Do you know the latest anime trends?


{Edit} Now that I take a good look I'm not sure. The girl's uniform looks Haruhish (zettai ryouiki + black socks + blue skirt) but it looks a bit off.

Gender bending?

Hm, I doubt I have that much more to share with you other than what you have already, here's some though:





%26amp; basically this whole club:



Now that I look at it more I think it is Haruhi. Is it Kyon-ko and Haruki Suzumiya?

Haruhi genderbending? My final guess.


Reply:Hmm... Looks like Haruhi Suzumiya, LOL. JK. It's too hard. I dont know.
Reply:I'm sorry i have no time for such things i work allot but if any good is there i'll be sure to check it out.

Good thing you have all the time to know all about that!

I hope there will be some good things as i said in that "Explosion"

Don't expect others to know much about it.

%26amp; I'm not in a mood for your challenge.
Reply:White Day in Japan? march 14?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Day, the reverse Valentines Day, where guys give girls chocolate / stuff (as opposed to girls giving guys stuff on Valentines)?

*Will be Editing answer later

[Edit] First pic made me think of Haruhi giving Kyon an obligation chocolate.

-2nd pic also made me think "white day" due to white maid outfits.

-3rd pic was like, what is that? Shining masumune?

*Will be researching latest Anime releases on AniDB.net

[Edit] Okay going through AniDB's latest Anime releases til January proved fruitless. Next stop is Anime News Network, %26amp; possibly Kotaku.com

[Edit] Doing any kind of intensive searching sucks on a 56k. Guess I'm ending my search for now though :(

[Edit] K, after reading Iori's post %26amp; looking once again at the pics (Haru-Kyon, %26amp; the 3rd pic's eyes %26amp; collar).

All I can say is:

Ai Mai Mi! Strawberry Eggs!!

(which by the way is a pretty "unique" phrase, %26amp; anime)

So um yeah, can't help you there with adding more material for your collection. Maybe the fan-girls have gone out in force right about now, maybe with moody hormones %26amp; White Day coming up?

amirite? ^ ._. ^
Reply:Ugh...I'm always late in answering these intense questions, but I agree about the White Day and the genderbending. A lot of genderbending anime has been popping up latley. That first pic looks like Kyon and Haruhi too....hmm....please inform. It's too late to research and I'm going to bed.

Oh and the sad panda.....awww.....South Park FTW! HAHAHA
Reply:I know nothing about it...sorry
Reply:I dont but im sure Lights Kira will know
Reply:Sorry, but I don't give two shits about "trends".

Does anyone know what a ********* test is?

Black Intelligence test of Cultural Homogeneity

What are some good questions to ask?

Does anyone know what a ********* test is?
I took this test in college. It is a facinating exercise that shows how enviornment shapes our perceptions and how we communicate what we have learned. I was the only person in my class to score above 75%.

The questions I remember from it were actually quite simple, you just had to have the correct frame of reference.

Think about things that are obvious in one culture that are less so to those folks outside that culture and phrase your questions accordingly.

For example in my class other than myself nobody got the correct answer to the question "When is mother's day." They all thought it was 2nd Sunday in May. I'm sure there are other examples today that would stump most folks not familar with the Black Community.

If there is 50 questions on a test how many do one have to get right to get a C ?

This is our grading scale 90-100 A , B 83-89 C 80-82, D 75-79 below 75 E

If there is 50 questions on a test how many do one have to get right to get a C ?
40 or 41
Reply:If it is 80-82 then you need at least a 40 to get a C.
Reply:40 out of 50 for a C at 80%

41 out of 50 for a C at 82%

the math

50 x 0.80 = 40

50 x 0.82 = 41
Reply:You have consider 50 how 100%.


50 ---- 100 %

x ------ 80 %

I used 80%, because if you get it, you'll get a C.

x = (80 x 50) / 100

x = 4000 / 100

x = 40

Then, you have to get right 40 questions at least, to get a C.
Reply:40 or higher


I just had 11 viles of blood taken including a chromsomal test to insure why i've had 4 m/c in a row?

All m/c occured within 7 weeks except my last in which I lost the baby at 20 weeeks due to cord wrapped 3 times around her neck. My question is what are the chances of it being chromsonal? It runs in either of our familys! we have a 7 year old daughter and that pregnancy went gtreat, with all the test do you think it possible to actualy concive a normal healthy baby again?

I just had 11 viles of blood taken including a chromsomal test to insure why i've had 4 m/c in a row?
Most miscarriages, especially first trimester ones like yours, happen due to some developmental problem with the fetus. This is often a genetic problem severe enough that development cannot continue, so the pregnancy ends because it could never have resulted in a baby. However, the fact that you have a child shows that if you do have a genetic defect, it wouldn't be present in every egg or every sperm, so there is a possibility that you could conceive another child. Genetic screening exists in which eggs are fertilized in vitro and the genes of each embryo are screened to determine which of them carry the defect and which do not. The only embryos that could be implanted in your womb would be those which did not carry the defect and could develop into a baby. The other embryos would not be physically able to develop even if they were implanted in your womb, because they would have that defect. It would be up to you and your husband to decide if that is something you would want to do, if in fact there is a genetic defect.

It is also possible that you have a physical problem preventing you from carrying to term. Have you had a gynecologist exam to determine if there is anything wrong? I doubt that this is the problem because you are losing your pregnancies so early, but it would be good just to make sure everything is ok.

Good luck!

What does an average and standard deviation on a test mean? Is that a C+ or a C?

Average is like C on a test

standard deviation would be the + and - of those grades

If your teacher grades on a regular standard normal distribution curve or bell curve

let me give an example

say 65 is the average

deviation is 5

so for a plus is like 5 plus 65 or a score of 70 and a minus is 60

and 2*deviation would be the next grades and 3*deviations the next if the grades were following a standard normal distribution, then the median and mean would be equal as well

standard deviation measures the spread of grdes if its small then most people got the same grade, for within one standard deviation (the plus or minus) would be 68% of the class, so in the example 68% of the class scored between 60 and 70, and within 2 deviations or 55 and 75 is where 95% scored and for within 3 is 98%

But More or less the mean and deviation doesnt tell you what grade it will be, most likely your teacher will have their own grade system and the average and deviation just tells you how did compared to the majority of the class

What does an average and standard deviation on a test mean? Is that a C+ or a C?
I don'n know what you mean for the C nor the C+, but the average, which is the sum of all measurements taken on a particular object divided by the number of repetitions.

For example:

A comb was measure on two diferent occasions (two repetitions) and they got these results:

Measure 1=2.5

Measure 2=2.3

Average of the lipstick is 4.8/2= 2.4

For the Standard deviation to be calculated, begins with the calculation of the aritmetic mean. After the mean is determined, the residuals are found. These residuals are squared and the sum of those squares, symbolized by the v², is calculated.

To get v (residual), you need to subtract every measure to the average, and the formula is:

Measure # - Average =v

Residual of Measure1 (v) 1=2.5-2.4=0.1

Residual of Measure 2(v) 2=2.3-2.4=-0.1

To get the v²

Measure1 (v)²=0.1²=0.010

Measure 2 (v)²=-0.1²=0.010

Sum of all measurements (Σv²) =0.010+0.010=0.020

Now the standard deviation formula can be solved:


where: Σv² =0.020

and n is the number of measurements



σ=0.14 That will be the standard deviation for the two measurements of the comb I just invented above.

I could've not answer you,with so little information, but since you wanted to know what does a standard deviation and average meant, I just decided to get myself a headache right now, LMFAO! Hope this helps, cause, as for now, I'm going off to bed. Tah-Tah!

PS- Writing here is good when I'm lacking of spanish words, Peace!

I have a c+(science) the science test is worth 66 points i got 33 points will that bring my grade to a d? Help

sorry dude, but a 33/66 is 50%, which is failing, or an other words an F. it can only bring your grade down, i dont really know how much depends on how your teacher grades her glass (could be %, or points), and how many assignm,ents you've had.

A test consists of multi-choice questions each having four possible answers(a,b,c,d), one is correct.?

Assume that you guess the answers to six questions.

1. Using the multiplication rule to find the probability that the first two guesses are wrong and the last four are correct. Find P(WWCCCC).

2. Beginning with WWCCCC, make a complete list of the differnet possible arrangements of two wrong answers and four correct answers, then find the probability for each entry in that list.

3. Based on the preceeding results, what is the probability of gettting exactly four correct answers when six guess are made?

A test consists of multi-choice questions each having four possible answers(a,b,c,d), one is correct.?
Looks like I just answered #2 for one of your classmates. I've tried to link it below -- if it doesn't work, the question was "How many ways can you arrange WWCCCC?". There are thorough solutions there.
Reply:Okay, now I have a headache.
Reply:Do your own homework

yu gi oh cards