Thursday, July 9, 2009

How do i read a pregnacy test? What does one line on the C mean?

one line appeared on the C sign, what does that mean?

How do i read a pregnacy test? What does one line on the C mean?
C means that the test has worked, There should also be a T box, if there is a line in that box it means your test is positive and that you are poregnant. No line in this box means that you are likely not pregnant.

There should be a leaflet in the box that the test came in telling you this

Reply:The C stands for control meaning it worked correctly, if another line showed up where the T was then you are pregnant. Just one line means Negative.
Reply:That means the test worked properly and also if there's only one line that means negative.
Reply:It should say on the box the test came in.
Reply:I don't even know what a C sign is....unless it stands for the control which case a line should've appeared there to let you know the test was working. There should be a control window and a test window. The test window is what tells you if it's positive or negative. Why not post a pic of the test?
Reply:The C line is the control line, and a line will always appear there (to let you know the test is complete). If that is the only line that appeared, the result is negative. Had the result been positive, there would have been a visible test line as well (T).

Verify this by reading the directions on the box.
Reply:If only one line showed up is on the C then that is a negative result. C is for the Control window it will show up every time as long as the test was done properly.

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